Tyner, Dr. Artika R.

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Phone: 651-303-0729

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.artikatyner.com

Book Categories: Children’s fiction, nonfiction, picture books

Age Group: K-12; College


Kofi Loves Music, Illustrator: Bilal Karaca, Planting People Growing Justice Press, 2020

So You Want to be a Supreme Court Justice, Capstone, 2019

Joey and Grandpa Johnson’s Day in Rondo,  Illustrator: Broderick Poole, MN In Black Ink, 2019

Amazing Africa: A to Z, Illustrator: Reyhana Ismail, Planting People Growing Justice Press, 2018

Justice Makes a Difference: The Story of Miss Freedom Fighter, Esquire, Illustrator: Jeremy Norton, Planting People Growing Justice Press, 2017

The Lawyer as Leader, American Bar Association, 2015

The Leader’s Journey: A Guide to Discovering the Leader Within, American Bar Association, 2015

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Dr. Artika Tyner is a passionate educator, award-winning author, sought-after speaker, and advocate for justice. She is committed to training students to serve as social engineers who create new inroads to justice and freedom. Dr. Tyner manages Planting People Growing Justice Press and Bookstore, which promotes literacy, cultural awareness, and leadership development. She has written and published Justice Makes a DifferenceAmazing Africa: A to Z, with Habia, and Joey and Grandpa Johnson’s Day in Rondo and Kofi Loves Music. She has also partnered with the ABA to publish The Lawyer as Leader: How to Plant People and Grow Justice and The Leader’s Journey: A Guide to Discovering the Leader Within.


  • Writing: nonfiction, history, leadership development, social justice, how-to’s (Grades: 3-12)  
  • Civil Rights: history, law, public policy, youth movements
  • Diversity and Inclusion: multicultural education, speaker/trainer, world history (Africa), geography, African folklore, African American history, global citizenship, avid world traveler
  • Business: entrepreneurship, social impact, community engagement

Book Awards: 

Story Monsters, Purple Dragon Book Awards 1st place (tie): Charity/Making a Difference (2018) *Justice Makes a Difference

Story Monsters, Purple Dragon Book Awards Honorable Mention: Cultural Diversity (2019) *Amazing Africa: A to Z

McKnight Arts Fellow, Children’s Literature Honorable Mention (2019) 

Strive/Free Spirit Publishing, African American Voices in Children’s Literature Writing Contest Honoree (2019) *Kofi Loves Music

MIPA, Midwest Book Award, Social Science and Politics/Current Events (2015)

MIPA, Midwest Book Award, Inspiration Winner (2016) *The Leader’s Journey

Other Awards:

History Makers at Home, Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights (2020) 

Minnesota Lawyer, Diversity and Inclusion Honoree (2018) 

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Women in Business Award (2018) 

Mshale African Award, Friend of Community Finalist (2018) 

WCCO, Good Neighbor Honoree (2018) American Bar Association, Difference Maker (2017)

Presentation Title and Description: 

  • Every Child is a Superhero

Teaching key strategies for serving as a superhero for justice through leadership and service in the community

  • Motivated to W.I.N. (Academic Success, Student Motivation)

Coaching students to success as they develop as leaders and change agents

  • Women Leading Change

Showcasing key women leaders and how they embraced their unique leadership qualities, developed their leadership skills, and made a difference in the world


Dr. Tyner is willing to work with you to fit your budget and needs. Her fees for presentations vary. Please email at: [email protected]