Grant, Arielle

Contact Info

Lives in: Minneapolis

Email: [email protected]


Author and Illustrator of: Picture Books

Age Group: 4-10


The Picture Box, written and illustrated by Arielle Grant. Published by Strive Publishing. First print 2020.

Arielle is a program, curriculum and community developer. In a variety of contexts her work has consistently been to advocate for her community and those marginalized by racial oppression. Alongside her work as an illustrator and author, she is also the founder of Render Free, a community space in Minneapolis for self-identified Black and Brown women that disrupts racial trauma by promoting wellness. (
Presentation Title & Description: 
‘Who Am I?’ A facilitated dialogue on identity, self-worth and wellbeing or Black girls.
*Also available for virtual presentations/visits via Skype or Zoom
$400 for a half day, $800 for a full day