Miller, Linda S.

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Email: [email protected]

Author of: Children’s Fiction, Picture Books

Age Group: 5-12


Isaiah’s Sunglasses, Barbara Yaquer (Venezuela), Strive Publishing, March 2019

Myleigh’s Magical Curls, Emily Hercock (UK), LNC Book Works/Linda S Miller, March 2020 (reviews on Amazon)

The Two Flowers, Marian Gorin (Spain), LNC Book Works/Linda S Miller, August 2020 (review on Amazon)


I was raised in North Minneapolis, and grew up loving to read and write. I am from a fairly large family and loved school. I started writing at a young age and had a pretty vivid imagination. As I grew older, I loved to tell stories. Today I still write for young children with the hope that what I contribute will encourage their young minds to ask more questions, cultivating the roots of knowledge which have already been planted.


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