Parker, Jennifer

Contact information:

Lives in: Blackduck, MN

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 218-368-4876

Author of: Young Adult Fiction

Age Group: 12 to adult


My Name is Harper Lee Gallagher, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 27, 2018)

Bitter Roads of Summer, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 2, 2018)

Focused, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February, 2020)

Robbing the Poor, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Forthcoming, 2021)


Bitter Roads of Summer is the second book in The Harper Lee Gallagher Series, by Jennifer Parker. The series, that was planned as a trilogy, has turned into a bigger project that will now include six books. My Name is Harper Lee Gallagher (2018), Bitter Roads of Summer (2018), Focused (2020), Robbing the Poor (2020-21), Living in the Dash (date to be determined), and Not in My Vocabulary (date to be determined). “I have a real connection to my teenage students and have thought about ‘writing their lives’ for a long time. In The Harper Lee Gallagher Series I’m able to explore some of the fun and dark sides of kids I’ve known in a fictional way. Each teenager is a wealth of knowledge, attitude, character, quirks, and their own peculiar languages that are always changing. I want other kids to grow up with Harper and her friends, and I hope that each one finds something in the characters to relate to, whether it’s their strength, their loyalty, their dedication to the activities and classes they love, their sense of humor about life and love, or the way they deal with heartaches and difficult decisions.” Parker is a high school English and arts teacher and coach with a Masters’ Degree in teaching, and a long career in both creative and journalistic writing, with several published stories and poems, as well as 37 years of writing for broadcast news and advertising, and 30 years of print journalism in news and sports.


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