Sonnek, Benjamin

Contact Info

Lives in: Sauk Centre, MN


Email: [email protected] 

Author of: Young Adult Fiction

Age Group: 12 and up


Cyberwood, published by Fox Pointe Publishing on March 20, 2023. No formal reviews aside from Amazon and Goodreads (review pending from Fergus Falls Daily Journal).


Benjamin Sonnek grew up mostly on illustrated science nonfiction or comic strips, but once he got a taste for fiction, he figured he’d try writing it himself. Less than five years after graduating summa cum laude with his bachelor’s degree in English, Ben became the editor of the awarded over-150-year-old newspaper, The Sauk Centre Herald. He lives in Sauk Centre, MN, with his wife and son, and aside from being a writer and editor, he’s also a second-degree Taekwondo black belt, a Lego enthusiast, a casual PC gamer, a hat collector, a stubborn jogger, and, as an introvert, someone who oscillates between talking too much and not at all. Ben’s short fiction has appeared in publications including Daily Science Fiction, Aphelion, Perihelion, Edify Fiction, Sonder Midwest, and the Planet Raconteur podcast.

Presentation Title & Description

“Growing Cyberwood.” The presentation mostly consists of a brief overview of Cyberwood and its writing history, including my writing journey prior to the story idea’s genesis. Plenty of time is available for question-and-answer about Cyberwood and/or the writing method in general; random questions will also be entertained.
*Also available for virtual events via Skype or Zoom


$90 per hour, plus travel expenses for anywhere over 60 miles.