Carlson, Jim

Contact Info

Lives in: Eagan, MN


Email: [email protected] 

Phone: (612) 599-3550

Author of: Children’s Fiction, Picture Books

Age Group: 4-9 Years

Books: Reagan Slays the Dragon, (2023) Fox Pointe Publishing 


Jim Carlson is the author of the children’s book “Reagan Slays the Dragon”. This book was inspired by his spunky niece and Jim hopes the story inspires children to work through challenges, find solutions, and conquer big things! Jim loves to infuse everything he does with a lighthearted touch, whether it’s a bit of fun in professional training material or amusing his wife with his overly literal sense of humor.
He’s applied his writing skills in a variety of settings from developing tax filing forms, and crafting summaries of new legislative bills, to competing in humorous speech competitions. Creative writing provides an opportunity for Jim to use a part of his brain that doesn’t always get exercised in his professional work. Jim majored in financial management at the University of Minnesota, Morris, where he also earned a minor in English. In addition to his professional work for the state of Minnesota, Jim is also a freelance writer, focusing primarily on the automotive realm.
Jim is married and has two beautiful children. Jim loves spending time with family, going for drives, checking out car shows, fishing, and practicing Jiu-Jitsu.

Presentation Title & Description:

Do Big Things – My hope is my book, Reagan Slays the Dragon, inspires young children, especially young girls, to take on challenges, overcome voices of doubt, and do big things.
*Also available for virtual presentations via Skype or Zoom
Fees: 100/hour