Kenney, Karen Latchana

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Lives in: Minnetonka, MN

Email: [email protected] 


Phone: 612-840-8481

Author of: Children’s Non-Fiction and YA Non-Fiction

Age Group: 6-18


Folding Tech: Using Origami and Nature to Revolutionize Technology, Twenty-First Century Books, 11/3/2020,

Everything World War I, National Geographic Kids, Sept. 2014, Carnesi, Sabrina, and Shelley Glantz. 2015. “Everything World War I.” Library Media Connection 33 (5): 46.

Older titles (also found here:

Nature’s Superheroes (5-book series)

Who Invented the Airplane?

Who Invented the Television?

Who Invented the Movie Camera?

Create Your Own Blog

Make and Upload Your Own Videos

States of Matter InvestigationsEnergy InvestigationsMagnetism InvestigationsForces and Motion Investigations, and Sound and Light Waves Investigations

Mysterious UFOs and Aliens and Spine-Tingling Urban Legends

Mysteries of the Great Wall of China and Mysteries of the Egyptian Pyramids

Flying Dragons and Axolotls

State Guide to Birds

Exploring Auroras

Animal Architects (7-book series)

You Have A Pet What?!: Miniature DonkeyPygmy GoatRat, and Sugar Glider

Amazing Body Systems (7-book series)

Exoplanets: Worlds Beyond Our Solar System

What’s Beneath: Peeking Underground and Peeking Under Your Skin   

Mysteries of History: The Mystery of the Sphinx

Science in Action: Six-book series from Abdo

Stories of the Civil Rights Movement: Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott and James Meredith and the University of Mississippi

Skin Care & Makeup Tips & Tricks

Hair Care Tips & Tricks

What Makes Vehicles Safer?

What Makes Medical Technology Safer?

Ancient Aztecs

Everything World War I         

Canada: Countries of the World

What’s Your Style?: Boho FashionHipster FashionPreppy Fashion

Hidden Story: DrugsGangs and CrimeHomelessness

The Science of Car Racing

US Government and Civics: State Government, Civic Responsibilities, Government in Your City or Town

What Is a Parliamentary Government?

What Is Communism?

Super Social Studies through Infographics: World GeographyEconomicsUS History

Stephen Hawking: Extraordinary Theoretical Physicist

Teen Pregnancy

Thrilling Sports Cars

David Karp: The Mastermind behind Tumblr

Today’s U.S. National Guard

Korematsu v. the United States

Strength Training for Teen Athletes

Domestic Violence

Iran: Countries of the World

National Geographic: Big Cat Costumes

Our Animal World (6 books)

Shop Tech: The Science of Cars

Cool Parties (6 books)

Cool School Spirit (6 books)

Our Nation’s Pride (6 books)

A Bug’s World (6 books)

Girls Play to Win: Skiing & Snowboarding

Everyday Science (2 books)

Shockwave (2 books)

Cool Music (3 books)

Illegal Immigration. Essential Library

Fact & Fable: State Stories (4 books)

Cool Performances (6 books)

Super Simple Crafts (6 books)

Meet Your Community Workers (6 books)

Rib-Ticklers Spelling (3 books)


2011 Editor’s Choice for School Library Connection

YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers

Junior Library Guild


I love to write books about animals, and I look for them wherever I go—from leafcutter ants trailing through the Amazon rain forest in Guyana, where I was born, to puffins in cliff-side burrows on the Irish island of Skellig Michael. I especially enjoy creating books about nature, biodiversity, conservation, and groundbreaking scientific discoveries—but also write about civil rights, astronomy, historical moments, and many other topics.
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