Metronet Membership

Metronet Organizational Agreement

Current membership list

Please read the Eligibility Guidelines in addition to this agreement.

Minnesota Statute, section 134.351, authorizes the establishment of multicounty, multitype library systems for the purpose of sharing resources among all types of libraries.

All libraries signing this agreement seek to improve library service to their users by participating in Metronet.

Each member library agrees to:

  • Share resources (books, materials, staff expertise) with each other to the greatest extent possible within the framework of its own and other libraries’ current circulation policies, and recognizing its primary responsibility to its own users.
  • Participate in a communication system to include: maintaining a telephone in or reasonably near the library facility; and have either a fax machine or an email address; providing relevant information about its library resources, staff and hours of services. Allow for such information to be published in either print or electronic format.
  • Share bibliographic information or other contributions that are mutually agreed upon by Metronet members.
  • Maintain financial support of its own library at a level which in no way is reduced because of participation in Metronet.
  • Abide by the membership requirements adopted by Metronet governing board and given in Metronet bylaws. Proposed changes in the bylaws will be distributed to all Metronet board members prior to any board action.

The programs and services of Metronet will be based on the availability of funds appropriated by the State legislature. Such programs and services may include:

  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Newsletter or other communication of news and relevant information
  • Web site listing of upcoming activities & events, continuing education & training opportunities & regional happenings of interest to library staff.

Events and special programs will be offered for free or at a reduced rate for Metronet members. Metronet will keep members informed of services and programs through appropriate mailings and meetings. Metronet will provide members an opportunity to be involved in the long range planning processes.

This agreement will automatically renew each year, except that either party may terminate membership in Metronet within sixty (60) days of written notice prior to the end of Metronet’s fiscal year. If a library chooses to terminate its membership in Metronet, all materials, equipment and other items received from Metronet or items borrowed from other participating libraries will be promptly returned. Libraries that terminate membership in Metronet can make no claims against Metronet.

Please complete and submit the organizational agreement below.