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Book Category: Fiction Picture Books & Nonfiction Picture Books
Age Group: all ages


Simon of Cyrene and the Legend of the Easter Egg. Pauline Kids Media, 2017.

Real Deal Series
Illness. Heinemann-Raintree, 2008.
Moving. Heinemann-Raintree, 2008.

Life in the Time of…
Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Great Depression. Heinemann-Raintree, 2007.
Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement. Heinemann-Raintree, 2007.
Susan B. Anthony and the Women’s Movement. Heinemann-Raintree, 2007.

Mighty Machines Series
Garbage Trucks. Capstone Press, 2006.
Snowplows. Capstone Press, 2006.
Street Sweepers. Capstone Press, 2006.
Tow Trucks. Capstone Press, 2006.

Sports and Activities Series
Let’s Play Baseball! Capstone Press, 2006.
Let’s Skateboard! Capstone Press, 2006.
Let’s Snowboard! Capstone Press, 2006.

Our Government Series
The City Council. Capstone Press, 2005.
The City Mayer. Capstone Press, 2005.
Serving on a Jury. Capstone Press, 2005.
Voting in Elections. Capstone Press, 2005.

Keeping Healthy Series
Taking Care of My Eyes. Capstone Press, 2005.
Taking Care of My Hair. Capstone Press, 2005.
Taking Care of My Hands and Feet. Capstone Press, 2005.
Taking Care of My Skin. Capstone Press, 2005.
Taking Care of My Teeth. Capstone Press, 2005.

Manners Series
Manners at the Library. Capstone Press, 2004.
Manners at a Restaurant. Capstone Press, 2004.
Manners on the Playground. Capstone Press, 2004.
Manners on the Telephone. Capstone Press, 2004.
Manners in the Classroom. Capstone Press, 2004.
Manners at a Friend’s House. Capstone Press, 2004.

American Symbols Series
Pentagon. Capstone Press, 2004.
Lincoln Memorial. Capstone Press, 2004.
Jefferson Memorial. Capstone Press, 2004.
Great Seal. Capstone Press, 2004.
Ellis Island. Capstone Press, 2003.
US Capital Building. Capstone Press, 2003.

Country ABCs Series
Germany ABC’s. Capstone Press, 2003.
Japan ABC’s. Capstone Press, 2003.
Australia ABC’s. Capstone Press, 2003.
Kenya ABC’s. Capstone Press, 2003.
Mexico ABC’s. Capstone Press, 2003.
Egypt ABC’s. Capstone Press, 2003.

Who Grows Up Here? Series
Who Grows Up in the Desert? Capstone Press, 2003.
Who Grows Up on the Farm? Capstone Press, 2003.
Who Grows Up in the Forest? Capstone Press, 2003.
Who Grows Up in the Ocean? Capstone Press, 2003.
Who Grows Up in the Rain Forest? Capstone Press, 2003.
Who Grows Up in the Snow? Capstone Press, 2003.

Life Science Series
Your Brain. Capstone Press, 2002.
Your Heart. Capstone Press, 2002.
Your Bones. Capstone Press, 2002.

Science: Seasons Series
Winter. Capstone Press, 2002.
Spring. Capstone Press, 2002.
Summer. Capstone Press, 2002.
Autumn. Capstone Press, 2002.

Community Helpers Series
Couriers. Capstone Press, 2001.
School Crossing Guards. Capstone Press, 2001.

A+ Books
Birds A to Z. Capstone Press, 2000.
Bugs A to Z. Capstone Press, 2000.


Author and Photographer, Terri DeGezelle Michels is an active hiker, aspiring chef, and Nana to 17 grandchildren, who has published more than 60 children’s non-fiction titles, as well as 100 magazine articles and several photos in national publications. Her newest title, Simon of Cyrene, the Legend of the Easter Egg debuted March of 2017, published by Pauline Kids Books and Media, of Boston, Mass.

Terri shares her writing experiences during school visits where she encourages students to follow their dreams and be the best they can be. Terri’s passions include traveling with her husband, reading, writing, spending time with her adult children, playing with her grandchildren, and photographing the world around her.


Simon of Cyrene and the Legend of the Easter Egg, has been awarded the 2018 CPA (Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada) Book Award, Honorable Mention in the Children’s Books and Books for Teens Category.



  • A Day in The Life of an Author
    Author Terri Michels, with the aid of a PowerPoint, shares how she, the world’s worst speller, became an author, her writing routines, where ideas come from and what her office looks like & Q&A. (Public School or Catholic School Presentation)
  • Nuts and Bolts of Researching Legends Simon of Cyrene and the Legend of the Easter Egg Presentation best suited for grades 4 through 8
    Author Terri Michels shares her researching knowledge and revision experiences with students. She will show how she found the tidbit of a German legend, Simon of Cyrene was a egg famer on his way to Jerusalem when he was compelled by the soldiers to help Jesus carry his cross. She will discuss how she was asked to do major rewrites and revisions. In doing so, Simon of Cyrene and the Legend of the Easter Egg became a much better strong story and won the 2018 Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada’s Honorable Mention for Children’s Book and Books For Teens.
  • The Ellis Island Experience – Presentation best suited for grades 4 through 8
    Author Terri Michels leads students through the Ellis Island experience of sights, sounds, and smells. Students enact the unpacking of a typical suitcase, discussing why immigrants made choices about what to bring to a new life. Medical examinations left their mark—students act out this often heartbreaking experience. Historical to modern-day photos draw the students into the feeling of “you are there.” Terri reads from her nonfiction book Ellis Island and shares her grandfather’s experience of Ellis Island as a six-year-old little boy. It’s often fun to end this session with a cup of vanilla ice cream, which the immigrants experienced while on Ellis Island.
  • How to Eat an Oreo™ Cookie – Presentation best suited for grades 3 through 6
    Using an Oreo cookie and the five senses, students will learn how to strengthen their own writing. Terri guides students are guided through each of the five senses, writing what they’ve noticed, finally taking that anticipated bite of chocolate and creamy white filling, savoring every crumb, once again writing about what they’ve experienced. Poetry, fiction, or nonfiction, the students will come away from the presentation with a piece of writing that can be a jumping-off point to a great finished project.
  • ABC, 123, Get Ready, Get Set … Go – Presentation best suited for grades K through 2
    Terri reads selections from one of students’ favorite books, Bugs A to Z. As a follow-up, Terri will leave a box of insect crackers for snack time.

Photography & Writing:

  • Soft Pastels Made Easy
    In this workshop, students will be introduced to the art of hand tinting black and white photographs using soft pastels chalk. Each student will receive a black and white photo and work with soft pastels to add their own flavor and bring the photo to life, producing a framable work of art. Students then can writing about their art work.

Speaking to Adults:

  • Research is Key
    In this presentation, author Terri Michels shows you how to take up the challenge to gather ideas, conduct interviews, research, sift through all the information, and, finally, craft the material into a creative, fun-to-read, yet informative book or magazine article. She will share some of the interesting back-stories that went into making her books, always making time for her favorite part of the presentation … Q&A.
  • Everyone Has a Story to Tell
    In this presentation author, Terri Michels will help jumpstart your storytelling journey. Together with Terri, you will explore how to gather your ideas, tell your tales, and record your adventures. You’ll learn how to ask questions and listen to the answer. You’ll define what makes a good story. If your goal is to be published, you’ll learn how and where to peddle your treasures.
  • The Ellis Island Experience
    Terri Michels and her audience explore the Ellis Island experience of sights, sounds, and smells. Audience members participate in showing how immigrants were marked after their medical inspection, what the new arrivals carried in their suitcases, and why they brought what they did. A PowerPoint of historical to modern-day photos draws the audience into the feeling of “you are there.” Terri will shares her grandfather’s experiences of Ellis Island when he was a six-year-old along with research for her nonfiction book, Ellis Island.
  • The Author Who Hasn’t Sold a Book Yet
    A brother-and-sister team, Jeff Longenecker and Terri Michels believe an author is someone who writes, not necessarily someone who has books for sale in a bookstore. Jeff reads from his yet-to-be-published Betsy McBoo series and Terri shares her yet-to-be-sold picture books. They share how they began writing, where they get their ideas, and how they produced the book, they created. Jeff has 30 years of teaching experience and presently works for a nonprofit in Duluth, MN. Terri is an author of Simon of Cyrene and the Legend of the Easter Egg and over 60 nonfiction books, all work-for-hire projects. Sharing from their life experiences, Jeff and Terri encourage the audience to write and tell their own stories, knowing that each person is unique and everyone has a story to tell.


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