Metronet is one of seven state-funded multitype library networks created by the Minnesota Legislature in 1979. Unlike the regional public library systems the multitype networks serve all types of libraries—school, public, college and university and special libraries—in their respective regions. Metronet’s region is the seven county metropolitan area including the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Each multitype network is governed by its own board of directors and operates under the authority of the Minnesota Department of State Library Services. Because the needs of libraries differ across the state, each library network’s strategic plan focuses on addressing library development issues peculiar to its region.

For Metronet, efforts have been directed towards fostering greater communication and collaboration among the types of libraries, addressing the need among so many librarians for convenient, tightly-packaged continuing education and professional development, promoting best practices and standards-based programs, stimulating innovation and advocating on behalf of libraries.

Metronet Strategic Plan
Our vision, mission, goals & objectives (FY24 update)

Metronet’s By-Laws
Revised By-Laws approved 3/16/21.

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