Ackerman, Laura

Contact Info

Lives in: Cottage Grove, MN

Email: [email protected] 


Phone: 847-775-9138

Author of: Children’s Nonfiction

Ages: 4-10


Yes! I Am a Military Child: A Book for Military Brats Illustrated by Dominique Gonzalez Published by Archway (Simon & Schuster)

Publish date: April 17,2022 


Laura has travelled around the world teaching her inspiring classes of music, stories, fitness & yoga to parents and their fantastic young families. Military life as a wife and mom brought many opportunities and experiences to work with families both stateside and abroad. From there comes this book, ‘Yes, I am a Military Child’, along with the music cd ‘Miss Laura and the Military Brats’.

Presentation Title & Description

Military Child, That’s Me! Miss Laura brings songs, stories, craft ideas and ‘Little Military Athletes Fitness Fun’ to your special group. T- shirts, Music CD, Book and more are available.


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