School Library Media Specialist – New Millennium Academy

Title: School Library Media Specialist
Status: Full-time, Exempt, Union Eligible
Reports To: Director of Teaching and Learning
Date of Description: 2018

Primary Functions of the Position
The position is responsible for serving as a Teacher and Instructional Partner, Program Manager, and Information Specialist. The School Library Media Specialist (SLMS) is responsible for working collaboratively with school administration and staff to develop a library program that is fully integrated and supports the curriculum. The SLMS must provide instructional leadership for the teaching of literacy skills and effective research skills. Provide comprehensive services related to the organization and management of print, digital, and related information technologies to provide equitable instruction and access to the students and staff. Manage the media center to be organized, functional and efficient.

Major Position Responsibilities

Instruction to students (40%)
• Demonstrate and teach students effective strategies to locate, access, evaluate, and use information from multiple sources in order to learn, to think, and to create and apply new knowledge
• Provide reading, viewing, and listening guidance to students’ interests, needs, and goals
• Promote a lifelong love of reading through reading aloud, book talks, and author visits
• Collaborate with students and teachers to determine learning and information needs for the school.
• Works with students in groups or individuals in the development of media and computer skills through help with reference work, selection of books and online reference searches
• Supervise students during library visits and provide orientation for new students about library media policies and services

Instructional Partner (15%)
• Collaborate with teachers on ways to incorporate information resources into their curriculum lessons and projects.
• Work effectively with teachers, administrators and other staff—both to expand their general understanding of information issues and to provide them with specific opportunities to develop skills in information literacy, including the uses of informational technology
• Consults with teachers in the selection and promotion of appropriate reading material to support coursework and the needs and interests of students
• Provides training to other educators relating to the media center

Information Specialist (15%)
• Provides expertise in the selection, acquisition, evaluation and use of information resources for the media center
• Brings awareness of information issues into collaborative relationships with teachers, administrators, and students.
• Models for students and others the strategies for locating, accessing, and evaluating information within and beyond the library media center
• Ensure equitable and ethical use of information

School Library Media Center Management (30%)
• Works collaboratively with administration to define the policies of the library media program and to guide and direct all the activities related to the program
• Advocates for the library media program in support of the school plan and provides the knowledge, vision, and leadership to steer it creatively and energetically in the 21st Century
• Develop policies and procedures that ensure maximum accessibility, efficient operation, effective services and facility use.
• Plans, executes and evaluates the program to ensure its quality both at a general level and on a day to day basis and for future growth and development in conjunction with administration and teachers
• Develop and maintain a collection of resources appropriate to the curriculum, students, and teaching and learning styles inherent within the school community
• Implement and maintain automated catalog, circulation system, and check-out services, including student obligations and responsibilities for materials.
• Manages the media center such as orders materials, manage a budget, repairs and processes new books and equipment.
• Supervises and directs paraprofessionals when they are assigned in the media center
• Coordinates with teachers to create a schedule for regular library visits

Other knowledge, skills, and abilities
Must have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the concepts, principles, and methodologies of teaching and learning and of current practices in library media. Demonstrated ability in decision making, problem analysis, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships and planning. Familiarity with national and state standards for information and technology literacy, including the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Minnesota Education Media Organization (MEMO), and American Association of School Librarians (AASL) standards.

• MS degree in Library Science and BA in a teaching related field
• Valid Minnesota teaching license and Media Specialist License from the MN Dept of Education
• 2+ years experience as a Library Media Specialist
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Effective verbal and written communication skills
• Expertise in basic technology, including computer operation, productivity software, and basic network knowledge
• Analytical and problem solving skills
• Strong organizational skills
• Strong work ethic and positive attitude
• Bilingual in Hmong is preferred

Be knowledgeable of and adhere to school values and code of conduct.
Be knowledgeable of and adhere to all school policies and procedures.
Be knowledgeable of and adhere to the stipulations of the employment agreement
Be knowledgeable of and adhere to federal and state laws that apply to his/her job assignment.

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