Library Technician/Cataloger – Bedrock Federal Services (Winona)

This project will sort, inventory, catalog, and preserve museum property related to the establishment and management of Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

Performance Objectives:
• Perform physical sort of archival materials (260 linear feet)
• Work with refuge staff to identify local subject matter experts (refuge staff, volunteers, retirees, Corps staff) to determine document relevance.
• Establish a system with subject matter experts to review materials and identify:
• Materials that are Federal Records (will be set aside and processed outside this contract)
• Materials that are museum property (as defined by Service and Department policy).
• Duplicates of museum property (will be offered to the Corps)
• Non-federal records/non museum property (to be discarded).
• Catalog museum property (estimated at 220 linear feet) using the Interior Collections Management System (ICMS).
• Prepare museum property for long term storage. All supplies for preparation will be provided by the Service.
• Work with the Service to identify an appropriate long term storage facility for the collection (subject to Department and Service requirements).
• Submit project reports to the Project Officer every two progress reports and a final report.

Job Type: Full-time

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