Holder, Helen

Contact Info:

Lives in: Austin, MN

Email: author.helenholder@gmail.com

Websites: https://www.facebook.com/authorhelenholder/


Phone: 507-433-2643

Author of: Children’s Fiction, Children’s Non-Fiction, and Picture Books

Age Group: 3-8


(All published by Fox Pointe Publishing)

David’s Pretzels (ages 4 to 8 years) July 2020

An Unusual Tale (ages 4 to 8 years) August 2020

I Painted A Magenta Flamingo (ages 4 to 8 years) September 2020

Glorious Gertie’s Fabulous Fireworks (ages 4 to 8 years) September 2020


Sleepover with Grandma (ages 4 to 8 years) October 2020

Terrific Tongues (ages 4 to 8 years) December 2020


My childhood ambition was to be a teacher, an author and an artist. I spent 34 years in the first grade (33 of them as a teacher.) Since retiring from teaching, I write children’s stories and record the doings of the Ladies Floral Club and Friends of the Creche as the secretary for each group. I also do a little illustrating.

Other activities include origami, book making, crocheting, traveling to visit 11 grandchildren and collecting nativity scenes. During the Christmas season, more than 900 nativity scenes take over the house and we become a tourist destination.

I live in Austin, MN with my husband Bill and a few very hardy plants.

Presentation Title & Description:
I love reading stories to children and answering questions.
*Also open to virtual presentations/visits via Zoom or Skype
Full or half day, gas and meal expenses. Please contact author for rates.