Authors & Illustrators

A directory of Minnesota authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults, who present programs in libraries, schools, and community agencies.

The Minnesota Authors and Illustrators project updates the inventory of Minnesota writer resources Authors and Illustrators as Program Resources: Minnesota Creators of Juvenile Books by Doris Pagel. This book has been a major educational resource for teachers around the state who want to get published authors and illustrators into their classrooms. The Minnesota Authors and Illustrators project was funded by a grant from the federal Library Services and Technology Act.

This Authors and Illustrators database serves to make librarians, teachers, and other community leaders aware of authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults, who present programs in libraries, schools, and community agencies, as well as speak at conferences. Each author/illustrator provided the information that appears under each of the headings. We are indebted to Doris Pagel who originally collected and published information on Minnesota Authors and Illustrators in the first two editions of her book in 1991 and 1997.

If you would like to be included in this listing, please complete the Metronet Authors & Illustrators submission form for consideration.

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Authors & Illustrators

Amundson, Susan

Bullard, Lisa – updated 10/2/2019

Carlson, Nancy – updated 11/6/2019

Casanova, Mary

Chall, Marsha Wilson – updated 10/9/2019

Cooper, Abby – updated 10/2/2019

Coy, John – updated 10/2/2019

Dokas, Dara

Durbin, William – updated 11/6/2019

Ellsworth, Loretta – updated 10/7/2019

Frasier, Debra

Fredrickson, Gordon W. – updated 11/6/2019

Geister, David – updated 11/7/2019

Harbo, Gary – updated 10/7/2019

Hartman, Carrie – updated 10/3/2019

Hautman, Pete – updated 10/3/2019

Hines, Jerry – updated 10/7/2019

Jacobson, Ryan – updated 11/6/2019

Johnson, Lois Walfrid

Jonell, Lynne – updated 10/9/2019

LaRochelle, David – updated 10/10/2019

Loewen, Nancy

Mader, Patrick – updated 10/7/2019

Mangal, Melina

Maurer, Tracy Nelson

Michels, Terri – updated 10/10/2019

Oeltjenbruns, Joni

Olofsdotter, Marie – updated 10/7/2019

Peters, Lisa Westberg

Peterson, Forrest

Preus, Margi

Reisberg, Joanne – updated 10/7/2019

Rendon, Marcie – new 2/25/19

Salas, Laura Purdie – updated 10/18/2019

Shaskan, Stephen

Shaskan, Trisha Speed – updated 11/7/2019

Tran, Phuoc Thi Minh

Warren, Sarah – updated 10/14/2019

Yang, Kao Kalia – updated 10/9/2019