Archives Internship (PT, paid) – Women Against Military Madness (Minneapolis, MN)

WAMM Mission Statement:

Women Against Military Madness is a nonviolent, feminist organization that works in solidarity with others to create a system of social equality, self-determination and justice through education, action and the empowerment of women. WAMM’s purpose is to dismantle systems of militarism, economic exploitation and global oppression.

Do you have an interest in nonprofit archives, designing and enacting your own archives plan, and exploring local, feminist history? Would you like a $750 stipend for your work?

As Archives Intern, you could (depending on your interest):

  • Lead an archiving process for WAMM’s last almost 40 years of paper history

  • Consider the pros and cons of maintaining paper archives in addition to or versus electronic archival

  • Organize historical documents into usable, functional collection

  • Communicate with older members to determine places, people, dates, events of photographs and other archive materials

  • Do oral interviews to document important WAMM history while founding and early members are still alive

WAMM’s office is open 10am-4pm M-F.  We are flexible and can accommodate night and weekend hours as needed. Time commitment is 10 hours a week during the summer- can accommodate start and end dates to count towards practicum or other academic requirement. Generally Late May-Late August.

To apply, send resume to and a general statement (low-key, no stress) about why you’re interested in the role.