Supervisory Librarian – Grand Forks Air Force Base (ND)






AREA OF CONSIDERATION NAFI positions are filled on the principles of merit and qualification without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, color, national origin, physical handicap, marital status, age, lawful political activity or membership in any lawful group. (EO 11478 and DOD Directive 1100.15)

PURPOSE OF POSITION: Directs overall library operation providing mission, education, and quality of life support to base personnel, their families, and retirees at the LIBRARY.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Directs overall library operation providing mission, education, and quality of life support to base personnel, their families, and retirees. Responsible for the full scope of library functions to include library administration, personnel management, circulation services, reference/research services, technical services, and technology development and support.

Responsible for the library facility; i.e., maintenance and improvements, purchase of furniture and equipment, and allocation of space within the facility for various library functions. Develops budgets and establishes short- and long-range library plans. Monitors funding allocations, meets expenditure targets, and justifies unfunded requirements.

Performs as a liaison with user groups, establishes partnerships/networks with local, state, and regional organizations. Responsible for work force management, recruitment, and staff training. Structures assignments of employees based on priorities and deadlines, selective consideration of the difficulty and requirements of assignments, and the capabilities of employees. Periodically reviews work. Provides proper guidance, direction, and continuous feedback on strengths and weaknesses; holds employees responsible for satisfactory completion of work assignments. Conducts employee performance appraisals and advocates appropriate recognition and feedback for performance and contributions.

Uses varied and advanced functions of computer processing to prepare, format, modify, edit, email and print a variety of letters, memos, and other text documents. Provides reference and research services using a broad range of current and retrospective resources, as well as a variety of resource formats; i.e., print resources and non-print resources, online databases, other libraries, or external subject resources. Devises appropriate search strategies and handles advanced and complex subject-matter inquiries.

Develops collection management plan and ensures compliance. Develops a selection plan to match resource requirements and prioritizes requirements against available funds. Continuously assesses the collections and properly evaluates them against authoritative bibliographies, subject handbooks, local criteria, and usage statistics. Selects all types of print and non-print media to meet the organizational, educational, and personal needs of library customers in a wide variety of subjects and reading levels. Performs selective removal and replacement of obsolete and worn materials from the collection, while ensuring that collections contain needed retrospective holdings.

Approves/disapproves centrally funded acquisitions. . Establishes internal procurement and quality processes to ensure appropriate accountability for library acquisitions. Responsible for ensuring the most effective acquisition method is used to acquire library materials. Works with the procurement office to develop purchase agreements and statements of work for various library requirements. Resolves problems with procurement activity, finance and accounting office, or vendors beyond the expertise of the technicians.

Performs original cataloging, subject analysis, and classification of a wide variety of specialized information in all formats using Dewey Decimal Classification and Library of Congress subject headings. Develops and implements name, series, and subject authority control records. Evaluates effectiveness of the library’s automated services, determines requirements and conducts studies to improve systems operation.

Serves as coordinator of automated systems, library web page, and Internet, within the library. Writes policy and procedure manuals for automated library operations. Manages the library marketing program to include outreach programs, publicity, cross marketing, and special events. Oversees special events, activities, and development of displays and exhibits, highlighting themes dealing with a wide range of topics.

Tracks marketing program costs and evaluates program effectiveness. Develops and maintains contact with professional and service organizations to promote specialized programs and exhibits. Conducts tours and orientations for VIPs and commanders, prepares how-to instructions for library and resource use, plans and conducts subject specific instruction seminars on library resources and services.

QUALIFICATIONS A master’s degree in library and information studies from an American Library Association accredited school and progressively responsible work experience is required. Professional knowledge of all aspects of library principles, concepts, methodology, operations, functions, and management to perform the professional and administrative duties of the position. Knowledge of the policies, procedures, systems, and interrelationships of the library, the library’s databases, data sources, new technologies, and the customers served.

Knowledge of marketing and publicity techniques and of the interests and needs of customers and organizations served to promote library use. Knowledge of established procurement rules and regulations and internal organizational acquisition policies. Familiarity with publishers’ and suppliers’ methods of operation.

Knowledge of online database searching and research techniques and capabilities of post-processing to meet user requirements. Experience supervising the work of library employees. Successful completion of a National Agency Check is required. Ability to communicate orally and in writing.

PERFORMANCE STANDARDS Accurately develops, prepares, and justifies library budgets. Accurately controls expenditure of funds by consistently monitoring fund allocations and library expenditures. Accurately prepares reports and submits to requesting authority within time frame specified. Appropriately displays managerial skills and compliance with personal directives. Accurately appraises performance within established guidelines and time frames. Properly applies Equal Employment Opportunity principles and requirements.

Accurately trains employees to successfully accomplish work tasks and comply with security, safety, and health regulations. Appropriately develops marketing plans and strategies to increase library awareness and usage. Formulates cost efficient search strategies to effectively perform comprehensive reference services and technical literature searches. Effectively plans and conducts library instruction seminars.

Effectively evaluates and manages collection development. Effectively organizes (classifies) and catalogs materials to make them accessible to library users through public catalogs. Effectively directs computer automation support projects. Effectively instructs library personnel in the use of new software packages. Appropriately complies with AFI 34-270 and higher headquarters library standards and DoD MWR Library Standards.

Establishes and maintains, within established parameters, policies and procedures for all aspects of library functions. Establishes and maintains a program of continuing research and efforts toward improving and expanding library operations. Maintains currency within the library profession by attending professional meetings, conferences, workshops, and seminars. Ensures catalog records are accurate and current. Works independently and accomplishes objectives with minimal supervision.

TRAINING Attends professional meetings, conferences, workshops, and seminars as required. Safety, funds, resource protection, fire protection, marketing, customer service, personnel management, and other local, state, federal, and installation required training. Any individual who was required to register with the Selective Service and who is not registered or knowingly and willfully did not register before the requirement terminated or became in applicable, will not be appointed.

HOW TO APPLY Applicants must apply on line at Those individuals claiming veteran’s preference or prior military service must also submit a copy of DD Form 214 or those claiming spousal preference must submit a copy of orders.

Any additional information regarding this employment opportunity may be directed to the Human Resources Office at (701) 747-4476/5030/5032. Ashley Floyd Human Resources Assistant

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