Library Assistant 2 – Minitex

Job ID: 320653
Job Title: Library Assistant 2
Job Code: 4996
Location: Twin Cities
Empl Group: AFSCME Unit 7 – Technical
Regular/Temporary: Regular
Full/Part Time: Full-Time

Required: Two years of college coursework and/or relevant library experience. Ability to perform essential physical demands including, but not limited to, frequent standing, walking, sitting, carrying, pushing, pulling, balancing, stooping/bending, reaching, and lifting.

About the Job

** WORK HOURS **: Academic School Year – 11:15 AM – 8:00 PM (Monday – Friday) & Summer Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Monday – Friday)

The responsibilities of this position are part of the Resource Sharing Unit. The duties include:

1. Responsible for the daily processing of Resource Sharing Interlibrary loan materials (70%)
• Processes outgoing referral materials in all interlibrary loan systems (Aleph, VDX, OCLC, and Wiscat)
• Processes returned ILL materials in all interlibrary loan systems (Aleph, VDX, OCLC, and Wiscat)
• Works closely with other Referral Processing staff to ensure all time sensitive materials are completed in a manner that allows the material to get to our patron’s possession as soon as possible
• Student jobs are posted and job descriptions are reviewed within the guidelines set by the U of M. Hires candidates that best meet the job qualifications. Trains, mentors, and disciplines student staff.
• Monitor daily workflow; communicate procedures, and procedural changes. Maintain a working knowledge of tasks performed by student staff
• Identifies and contacts libraries with recurring processing issues
• Alerts staff in Referral Processing of any changes learned from contacting libraries
• Informs the Resource Sharing Unit of any changes in procedure using the usual communication tools
• Works with Resource Sharing staff on requests with problem citations as needed
• Maintain Referral Processing referral boxes, including filing and pulling of ILL requests

2. Verification, identification of locations and typing referral requests to off-campus libraries on the VDX Interlibrary Loan system (20%)
• Refer ILL requests to Minitex libraries using VDX Interlibrary loan software.
• Work with supervisor or other Minitex staff members on requests in MnLINK VDX. Assess student progress. Coordinate scheduling of students as needed according to workflow. Keep students informed of changes in procedures.

3. Enhance the overall effectiveness of the Resource Sharing Unit and Minitex services (10%)
• Participate actively and positively in meetings that involve work processes, Resource Sharing staff and/or the entire Minitex staff.
• Establish & maintain positive relationships with co-workers in the Resource Sharing Unit, Minitex staff and Minitex participants.
• Attend workshops and conferences as appropriate, share information learned with other Minitex staff using appropriate communication methods.
• Work closely with supervisor and co-workers in the Resource Sharing Unit to insure high level of efficiency and quality of processes. Provide assistance when appropriate to other Library Assistants
• Work with various groups and task teams that focus on office-wide or organizational concerns, as appropriate.

About the Department
Minitex is a publicly supported network of libraries working cooperatively to improve library service. Resource Sharing is a service in which Minitex participants transmit loan and photocopy requests to the central office. Minnesota Library Information Network – MnLINK is a statewide virtual library that electronically links patrons to Minnesota’s rich library resources. MnLINK supports and develops technology infrastructure and collaboration to facilitate equitable and shared access to library and information resources for all people of Minnesota.

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