Library Assistant 2 (Evening) – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Minitex)

Library Assistant 2 (Evening)
Job ID: 327800
Location: Twin Cities
Job Family: LR-Technical
Full/Part Time: Full-Time
Regular/Temporary: Regular

Required Qualifications: Two years of college coursework and/or relevant library experience. Some positions may require limited typing, ability in a foreign language, database searching or experience handling particular kinds of materials (i.e., serials, documents).

Preferred Qualifications:
– Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities and complete assigned tasks by deadlines.
– Demonstrated history of good work attendance.
– Strong commitment to customer service.
– Ability to adapt and integrate changes to work procedures.
– Good interpersonal skills, communication skills, and proven ability to work as part of a team.

About the Job
** WORK HOURS: Academic: 11:30am – 8pm & Summer: 9:30am – 6pm **

Primary Function:
This position is in the Resource Sharing Service Area. The Library Assistant 2 is responsible for the processing of materials in the Referral Processing Area. This employee also has bibliographic verification responsibilities. This employee supervises student staff.

1. Assist with the coordination and supervision of the daily operation of processing Minitex and Documents to U Interlibrary Loan Requests at the Wilson Campus Libraries, and verification of Minitex interlibrary loans requests as needed. 45%
• Assign and monitor daily workflow at libraries to meet Minitex/DTU standards of timeliness and accuracy.
• Maintain comprehensive knowledge of library resources including scope of collections, records and circulation policies.
• Maintain copier, scanners, electronic delivery workstation, computer workstation and supplies.
• Search MnCAT Discovery, WorldShare and other bibliographic tools to verify requests, identify holding locations and maintain workflow standards.
• Determine appropriate handling of unverified or problem requests. Specify or check bibliographic tools to be used.
• Identify libraries with recurring citation, verification, location, or format errors and notify supervisor.
• Report to Minitex participants and DTU staff on requests that cannot be filled.
• Assist in the operation of electronic delivery services, including scanning and the processing of incoming electronic deliveries.
• Troubleshoot problems occurring with electronic delivery and transmission.
• Work with Minitex staff, electronic delivery lead, and staff at participating
• Electronic Delivery libraries to ensure proper delivery and quality of articles.
• Communicate problems with delivery, equipment or other issues to lead worker in electronic delivery area.
• Search WorldShare Discovery or other appropriate tools to verify requests, identify holdings and maintain workflow standards.
• Identify referral location for verified requests and determine appropriate referral priorities based on Minitex custom holdings.
• Search the University of Minnesota library database to identify internet resource materials. Check availability for Interlibrary loans and print.
• Handle WorldShare referral typing when appropriate as the next logical steps to verification.
• Update various systems as appropriate to indicate request status.
• Determine appropriate handling of unverified or problem requests. Specify or check bibliographic checklist tools to be used.
• Work with other Minitex staff members on requests with problem citations when appropriate.
• Ability to perform essential physical demands including, but not limited to, frequent standing, walking, sitting, carrying, pushing, pulling, balancing, stooping/bending, reaching, and lifting. The physical ability to lift up 50 pounds.

2. Responsible for the daily operation for processing referral materials in Minitex Resource Sharing. 45%
• Process incoming referral materials, ensuring all tasks are completed in the same shift.
• Process returned materials, ensuring all materials are completed in the same shift.
• Maintain a comprehensive knowledge of all Interlibrary Loan systems used in Resource Sharing.
• Train and provide oversight of student staff.
• Work closely with other Library Assistant 2’s and Library Manager in Referral Processing area to ensure all work processes are efficient.
• Participate in unit meetings when possible, with an emphasis towards better communication and efficient processing.

3. Enhance the overall effectiveness of Resource Sharing and Minitex Services. 10%
• Participate actively and positively in meetings that involve the Resource Sharing staff and/or the entire Minitex staff.
• Establish & maintain positive relationships with co-workers in Resource Sharing, University Library staff, Minitex staff and Minitex participants.
• Attend workshops and conferences as appropriate, share information learned with other Minitex staff using appropriate communication methods.
• Work closely with supervisor and co-workers in Resource Sharing to insure high level of efficiency and quality of processes. Provide assistance when appropriate to other Library Assistants
• Work with various groups and task teams that focus on office-wide or organizational concerns, as appropriate.

About the Department

Minitex is a publicly supported network of academic, public, state government, and special libraries working cooperatively to improve library service for their users in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. There is reciprocity with Wisconsin libraries.

The Minitex program is funded by the Minnesota Legislature through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education to serve Minnesota academic and state government libraries. Minitex is a joint program of the Office of Higher Education and the University of Minnesota. The Minnesota State Library Services (the Minnesota state library agency), a unit of the Minnesota Department of Education, provides additional funding to support services for Minnesota libraries and library users.

Libraries in North Dakota participate in Minitex programs through a contract between Minitex and the North Dakota State Library. In South Dakota, Minitex provides services funded by contracts with the South Dakota State Library and South Dakota Library Network.

Minitex programs are coordinated by the Minitex staff located at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Libraries., which fills the majority of requests sent to the Minitex office.

Service Area Overview:
Resource Sharing Services is an area in which Minitex participants submit requests for returnable and non-returnable materials to the Minitex central office located at the University of Minnesota Libraries – Twin Cities. Staff use physical and electronic resources from the University Libraries, as well as from libraries in the Minitex region, to fill requests. Staff participate in outreach to interlibrary loan staff at libraries in the Minitex region to provide leadership, expertise, and instruction for resource sharing functions. Resource Sharing staff continuously adapt workflow to incorporate ne and emerging technology to ensure quick and accurate service.

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