Librarian 1 – 2 (Teen Librarian) – Ramsey County Library

Salary: $48,425.86 – $69,108.56 Annually
Location: All Suburban Ramsey County Library Locations, MN
Job Type: Full Time
Department: 65C02-PubLib/Maplewood
Job Number: 0428-18/01-001
Closing: 1/22/2018 4:30 PM Central

Basic Function
The salary range for the Librarian 1 is $48,425.87 – $69,108.56
The salary range for the Librarian 2 is $52,333.98 – $77,536.14

Note: The current position is a teen librarian for the Ramsey County Library in Maplewood.

Note: The examples of work performed below is for the Librarian 1. To view the complete job description for Librarian 1 and Librarian 2 please follow the link below.

To provide reference services to Ramsey County Library patrons; to select and maintain materials for the collection; to develop and present programs; and to perform related duties as assigned. Librarian 1-2 is a professional class series and it is expected that incumbents will need minimal supervision.

(Librarian 1 is the entry level class for the Librarian 1-2 class series. Employees at this level are expected to have the knowledge and skills necessary to function at a professional level while gaining experience and developing the expertise needed to function at the full performance level.)

To view or print a copy of the complete Ramsey County job (class) description for this job, go to: Job Descriptions. Once at this page, you can browse the list of job descriptions.

If an internal candidate is selected, salary will be set in accordance with personnel rules.

Examples of Work Performed
• Provide library patrons with materials or information in response to their reference questions by using online databases and other reference tools to search for information.
• Instruct patrons in the use of library technology and print and electronic resources.
• Assist library patrons at one-on-one technology and eReader labs.
• Maintain an assigned area of the collection through weeding and selection projects.
• Manage the collection development budget for the area to which assigned.
• Develop and provide children’s library services, including story times, school visits, and group programs.
• Develop and provide library services for teens, including school visits, community outreach and group programs.
• Develop and deliver library instructional programs for adults on digital literacy and life skills topics.
• Classify and catalog library materials using bibliographic utilities.
• Maintain bibliographic records in the online catalog.
• Serve as the senior staff person at a library in the absence of the library manager.
• Serve on committees and task forces, both internal and external, as assigned.
• Partner with departments, organizations, and agencies outside the library in the development of services and programs.
• Pursue professional development by attending meetings and workshops and by on-going self-directed study.

(The work assigned to a position in this classification may not include all possible tasks in this work and does not limit the assignment of any additional tasks in this classification. Regular attendance according to the position’s management approved work schedule is required.)

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Minimum Qualifications

Librarian 1
Education: Master’s Degree in library science or library and information sciences/services from an ALA accredited school.
Experience: None required.
Substitution: None.

Librarian 2
Education: Master’s Degree in library science or library and information sciences/services from an ALA accredited school.
Experience: Two years Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) experience as a Librarian 1 or equivalent.
Substitution: None

Exam/Screening Process Information
Screening/Examination Process: The examination process will consist of the following section weighted as indicated:
Training & Experience Rating ……………………………..Wt. 100%

Examination/Screening Process:
The examination for Librarian 1 – 2 will consist of a training and experience rating, comprised of the questions in the attached supplemental questionnaire. The rating on this supplemental questionnaire will depend on the answers provided. A candidate must pass the training and experience rating in order to be advanced in the process.

Eligible List: The names of all applicants who pass the examination/screening process and file a properly completed application shall be placed on the eligible list for employment as a Librarian 1-2. This list will be certified to the appointing authority which may use this list to fill a vacancy. Candidates will remain on the list for three months or until hired, whichever occurs first. A notice will be sent to applicants at the time the eligible list is posted, informing them that the list has been posted and their rank on the list.

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