Elementary Digital Learning Specialist – Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District

FTE: 1.0
Hours: 8
Days: 184
Compensation / Benefits: Per Unit Agreement

Description: ISD 191 is a suburban Minneapolis system of 9,300 students comprised of the communities of Burnsville, Eagan, and Savage. The District is seeking a high quality, innovative educational leader for the position of Digital Learning Specialist. District 191’s dynamic education team is highly committed to working each day to align the work of adults throughout our system, and within our community, around improving the learning of each of our students. We are committed to finding innovative leaders who value working in a collaborative culture with colleagues and staff.

Essential Job Functions
Job Summary: Under the direction of the Director of Technology, the Digital Learning Specialist will support, promote and advance the integration of technology into instructional delivery, leading to enhanced student utilization and improved student achievement. The Digital Learning Specialist supports research-based best practices regarding classroom instructional technology. The DLS must model good instructional practice and work well with other individuals to be effective in facilitating change. They must also assume a leadership role as coach/mentor for all staff. They will actively support, champion, advocate, and participate in digital learning at the district, school, and team levels.

License / Education Requirements: Experience in Instructional Design, Instructional Technology, or a closely related field. K-6 MN Teaching License in good standing. Librarian, Library Media Specialist, or Computer Tech. Preferred. Two (2) years of experience to include designing, developing, and implementing educational technology in the classroom. Demonstrated ability to specify learning objectives and develop and deliver training materials and assessments that are aligned to those objectives. Demonstrated experience of current effective pedagogies for learner-centered teaching. Experience facilitating formal and informal professional development.

Essential Functions:
75% Student Instruction. Primary instructor of technology skills grade K-5 through face-to-face and hybrid instruction of elementary classes. Teach, assess and report articulated ISD 191 K-5 Digital Literacy curriculum that includes technology skills and ELA media literacy standards. Promote voluntary free reading and independent research. Promote digital citizenship, ethical use, and on-line safety.

25% Professional Learning Leadership / Coaching. Assist teachers in planning for the use and infusion of technology in the instructional program in a 1:1 and 1:2 learning environment. Work closely with staff to develop innovative technology solutions for instructional delivery. Serve as building liaison with Technology Department and Teaching and Learning Department regarding instructional technology. Lead building technology committee meetings and serve on building leadership teams. Learn, evaluate, and share new technologies and teaching methods. Meet with building administration to align goals and plan staff support for SIPs. Promote digital literacy program and skills with staff and community. Recommend appropriate materials for curriculum areas. Demonstrate and teach effective strategies for locating and accessing both print and electronic information within and beyond the media center. Support students in the creation and completion of projects and assignments using 21st century technology tools and other appropriate resources efficiently and responsibly. Guide students and staff in the process of resolving computer and digital device issues independently. Conduct on-going training sessions for faculty including 1:1 coaching and online self-paced instruction on online learning tools and resources including the Learning Management System. Troubleshoot pedagogy-associated issues with online learning tools. Serve as a building point of contact for online learning tools. Support and model effective technology integration ensuring its use as an essential instructional tool. Assists the director in planning and implementing professional learning opportunities which focus on the innovative use of technology. Provides leadership for the effective utilization of technology through demonstration, observation, and feedback through professional learning opportunities. Assist staff with establishing and enhancing their digital footprint Connects students and teachers with global learning opportunities. Assess and evaluate the effectiveness of Digital Learning and its impact on student achievement. Assists district administration in overseeing, evaluating, and refining educational technology professional learning within the district. Evaluates and refines technology integration, based on formative and summative assessments, PLC learning, and assessment data to provide implementation and training support. Work with Director of Technology to design programs and initiatives to disseminate digital learning vision across district. Develops plans for the effective integration of emerging technology into the instructional program to achieve district learning goals. Participates in the development of long-range goals for instructional technology. Promotes technology awareness and effective technology use throughout the curriculum.

Additional Duties
Performs other related tasks as assigned.

FLSA Status: Exempt
The successful Digital Learning Specialist will be an individual who…
… firmly believes:
• All students can learn and that their learning can be directly influenced by focusing on factors over which we have control.
• That student learning guides practice and decision-making throughout the school and system.
• In shared accountability and responsibility through working interdependently.
• In fostering a commitment among staff and parent communities to create the conditions for equity and excellence resulting in elimination of the achievement gap.
• In a model that promotes professional reflection and continuous improvement.

… has demonstrated:
• Ability to provide timely, collaborative learning experiences that build instructional capacity and efficacy resulting in sustained change in practice.
• Ability to provide foundational professional learning for instructional technology priorities and provide differentiated support based on each school’s context.
• Successful experience in facilitating high-quality professional learning and remarkable outcomes through application.
• The ability to effectively manage and lead change, including changing practices and structures in our school system that may perpetuate inequities based on race and class.
• Outstanding skills in written and oral communication.
• Effective facilitation and personal use of technology as a communication tool to improve student achievement and manage work.
• Personal professional learning and development through a strong understanding of literature related to education, student learning, and leadership.
• The ability to manage dialog effectively, valuing alternative points of view in planning and decision-making.
• That he or she is a visible instructional leader.
• Passion for digital learning
• Courage to do what is best for students.

Application Process
• Our online application system offers the opportunity to upload additional information such as a cover letter, resume, references and transcripts. Paper or e-mail copies of these materials will not be accepted.
• Interviews will be conducted with candidates that best meet the current needs of the District.
• Review of materials will start immediately.
• The position will be filled on an undesignated timeframe when, and not until, the right candidate emerges.

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