Harbo, Gary

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E-mail: gharbo@garyharbo.com
Website: http://www.garyharbo.com

Book Category: Nonfiction,Picture Books
Age Group:


Hey Little Buddy, What Did You See? Kutie Kari Books, 2015.

Santa’s Secret Gift. Kutie Kari Books, 2015.

Where Is My Sister? Kutie Kari Books, 2015.

The Northern Woods Adventure. Kutie Kari Books, 2004.

How to Draw: Bad Bart’s Revenge. Kutie Kari Books, 2002.

How to Draw: My New Friend. Kutie Kari Books, 2001.

The Black Hills Adventure. Kutie Kari Books, 1997. (2002, 2nd printing).

The Great Train Ride. Kutie Kari Books, 1994. (2001 2nd printing).

Bart Becomes a Friend. Kutie Kari Books, 1992.

Bad Bart’s Revenge. Kutie Kari Books, 1991.

My New Friend. Kutie Kari Books, 1990.

A 50 minute video capturing Gary’s high energy presentation on How to Draw a Gorilla is now available for purchase. Call 800-395-8843. Gary illustrates his books with colored pencils and creates a funny, vibrant look at life through the eyes of his cast of animal cartoon characters. Each book contains 3000 words, (like a chapter book), but remains a picture book in format which makes reading fun for students up to 5th grade level.

Study Web Award – Academic Excellence Award (for website) Kidsites.com – Approved Site Award (for website)
Surfing the net with kids – 3 star site award (for website)
WannaLearn.com – Selected Instructional Site Award (for website)

Keynote speaker at Young Author Conferences and International Reading Association Conventions. School visits: K-6th Gary provides hands-on art sessions for students of all ages. The sessions are tailored to be exciting, challenging, educational and will help to build students self-esteem in the creative process. Each student will successfully create a unique character that could be used in a setting to begin the process of creating a story. Gary’s sessions are high energy, laced with lots of humor and are 55 minutes in length. They can be attended by up to 2 sections of students at a time. The students will be laughing their way through the process of beginning an exciting story