Garthwaite, Lynn

Contact Information

Book Category: Childrens Fiction
Age Group: 5-9


Dirkle Smat and the Viking Shield. Castle Keep Press, 2008.

Dirkle Smat and the Flying Statue. Castle Keep Press, 2007.

Dirkle Smat Inside Mount Flatbottom. Castle Keep Press, 2006.

I was employed for ten years in an elementary school media center where I worked with students on various writing projects and presented an ongoing series of book talks to encourage reading. My earliest writing projects were screenplays, but after absorbing children’s literature for a career my focus changed. My interest is in writing the kinds of books for emerging readers that catch their eye and make them want to go back to the shelves for another book.


I can modify my presentation to suit your needs. I have experience spending an entire day in a school talking to each grade level separately and even having lunch with kids, and I have also visited for just an hour to talk to a single class or grade level.

When I speak to the very young I gear my talk more toward the concept of where good ideas come from, how there is no limit to your imagination, and how you practice writing just like you practice anything else. With second and third graders I get into a few specific plans to create story ideas, and I emphasize how you can use descriptive words to capture your readers. I use examples, such as “Sally opened the door and saw a dog” and “Sally opened the door and saw a growling dog” to show how one extra word can give your reader an entirely different picture of what is happening in your story.

For fourth and fifth graders I’ll also talk about descriptive writing and then describe the publishing process and how important it is with anything to keep plugging away and not be discouraged.

At each grade level I’ve been reading the first couple of chapters of the book that is due out soon to give them a little teaser.

$300 full day/$100 for a single grade level. If outstate or out of state add expenses. (Prices negotiable – please contact.)