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Minnetonka, MN 55305

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Book Category: Nonfiction, fiction and poetry
Age Group: adult


Amato has written twenty-five books. And he has edited and published numerous other essays and reviews. Among his favorite topics have been small towns, rural culture and ethnicity, regional demographics, and Midwestern farm, village, and rural life. Other topics include memoirs on golf, death and dying, and bypass surgery; on local, family and regional history, including When Father and Son Conspire: A Minnesota Farm Murder, The Great Jerusalem Artichoke Circus: The Buying and Selling of the American Dream and Rethinking Home: A Case for Local and Regional. His major university press works in intellectual and cultural history are Mounier and Maritain: A French Catholic Understanding of the Modern World, Guilt and Gratitude: A Study of the Origins of Contemporary Conscience; Victims and Values: A History and a Theory of Suffering; Dust: A History of the Small and Invisible; On Foot: A History of Walking, and most recently Surfaces, A History; and The Book of Twos: The Power of Contrasts, Powers, and Polarities, and forthcoming a gathering volume titled Everyday Life: How the Ordinary Became Extraordinary (London: Reaktion Press, Fall, 2016). Most recently, Amato published his first full-length book of poetry and action, Buoyancies: A Ballast Master’s Log (Spoon River Poetry, 2015) and My Three Sicilies: Stories, Poems, and History (Bordighera, 2016) Forthcoming is Everyday Life:How the Ordinary Became Extraordinary (Reaktion, August 1,  2016)

I have taught an array of subjects on European and American rural, and regional history,  as well as on American and European cultural life, I have also written memoirs on family history, bypass surgery and golf; and a long and varied list on life in southwestern Minnesota. I was founder and creator of the Rural and Regional Studies Department at Southwest State University, Marshall, MN. I have spoken across the state and in the Midwest and nations.

I have had numerous scholarships, grants, and awards, including a year of post doctoral study at UCLA in cultural studies. I have  been nominated and won Mn Books Awards, and L. A. Times book of the year.

From hour lectures to short courses on many of the topics indicated by recent books and articles.

$ Negotiable.