Adjunct Faculty Member – Minneapolis Community & Technical College

Call for applicants: MCTC library is looking for an adjunct instructor (with Master’s degree) for the fall.

The library at Minneapolis Community and Technical College is looking for an adjunct faculty member for the fall semester. The work schedule would be Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the day.  They would teach two morning sections of INFS1000: Information Literacy & Research Skills (please see the course description in yellow below) and staff our reference desk for two afternoon shifts.  This is just shy of a half-time appointment (6.75 credits, 15 credits is full time) and they would be eligible for regular pro-rata pay, meaning they would be placed on the MSCF faculty pay scale (online here).

Although the spring schedule has not yet been finalized, we expect that a person who is successful in the fall semester could continue work at about the same time commitment.  If this were the case, the worker would be eligible for health and dental insurance coverage at the start of the second semester. A full time faculty member would work with the new instructor as a mentor and there will be additional training and support by other library staff.

By contract, this position must be filled by someone with a MA of Library Science.  We need to fill this position by the start of classes, August 21.

Interested candidates should send a brief letter of interest and resume to John Lewis Ford, Dean of Academic Foundations at

Course description for Information Studies 1000: Information Literacy & Research Skills:
This course is an introduction to information literacy and research skills, including how information is produced, organized and disseminated within a societal context. You will learn how to organize a strategy for finding information, how to use print and digital sources to locate information, and how to analyze and evaluate information found. This course fulfills the information literacy graduation requirement for students seeking an A.A. degree.